Missing Guns

Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe from Guns

As an American, it is your right to keep a gun in your home for your own safety, for hunting, or for other purposes you deem necessary...

Missing Guns

Federal Government Distressed by Hundreds of Missing Guns

This recent Wednesday in February of 2016, the Federal Government was not pleased as to what has been happening. Collectively they lost hundreds...

Guns Stolen

Civil War Era Guns Stolen

It was this year on Valentine’s Day that someone had something else in mind for the day. Early that morning a robber broke into a National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Bloomberg Gun Control

Bloomberg Gun Control Group’s New Targeted Ad

There has been a battle brewing between two camps as the gun control group created by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a new ad targeted in Virginia that irked...

Gun as Collateral

Can I Use My Gun as Loan Collateral?

There are a lot of services out there that can help an individual use their firearm as collateral for a loan.

Arizona Regents

Arizona Regents Vote to Oppose Guns on Campus Bill

In light of the gun-violence related news stories that have been sweeping over the nation in the last few years, it should come as no surprise that gun laws...

3-D Gun

The 3-D-Printed Gun Is Retro, Not Futuristic

There’s been a lot of excited talk as of late about 3-D printing, and, most recently, 3-D printing of guns.

Gun Control

Republicans Believe Terrorists Have A Right To Own Guns?

Should terrorists be able to have guns? Republicans say yes. A measure to introduce...

Chicago Police Acquitted

Chicago Police Officer Acquitted of Gun Charges

Veteran Chicago police officer, Glenn Evans, was recently acquitted of an aggravated battery charge from 2013.

NBA and Gun Violence

NBA...against gun violence

NBA Lends its name and stars to campaign against gun violence.

Texas Open Carry

Texas Businesses Prepare For New Gun Law

With every new year comes new laws for different states.